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martes, 31 de octubre de 2017


We are watching some scenes from the film DAENS which show us the society during the Industrial Revolution and the first Labor Movements.

Here you have de video:

Escenas para uso didáctico Daens from profesor Francisco on Vimeo.

About it, you must do a writing (not answer the questions) which includes:

- What social classes you can see? How do they live and how their neighbouhoods are?
- What rights the prletariat have? How is the situation of women and children? Relate a scene of the movie about it. 
- What social and labor movements you can see?  And  polithical parties? Explain the ideas of all ofthem?
What does Daens achieve? How were the elections? How is his situation into the Church?
- Did you like the movie? Are you impressed about anything?
- Any comment you want to make about the video, the period or the characters.

It's important that you write it in your own words (not copy and paste). If you use adttional sources, please note them.