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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016


To work the unit of Baroque, we are going to work in groups. Each one of them wil have a topic and you need to make a presentation about it. The topics are:

  • Scientific Revolution:
    • Historical Background of the subjects. Main Ideas, evolution of the Sciences since traditional Scholars of the Medieval studies till The enlightenment. The Most important Inventions and the influences in the Modern and today’s world, Scientific Method explain about it and develop it with examples. And Small Ideas regarding Newton & Francis Bacon.
  • Barroque Painting:
    • Main Idea, Historical Background, Differences between European Countries and Religion Countries and Protestans Countries. Check the most imporant thematic of the Painting. Remember talk about this masters and small Biography of them: Caravaggio, Velazquez, Rembrant and Vermeer. You can talk 2 painting and talk about the style using that works.
  • Baroque Sculpture:
    • Main features and Characteristics of the Sculpture in Baroque, you can compare with Renaissance. Check the most imporant thematic of the Sculpture and differences between countries. Important to know something about life and work of Bernini (as Sculptor! He was architect too), Salzillo, Martínez Montañés.
  • Baroque Architecture
    • Characteristics of the Baroque Architecture, Time, main ideas, Countries, It’s important the Historical Background as well. you can compare with the Renaissance to make a better explication and talk about the differences between Italian Building and the rest of Europe. Besides Churchs, did they built another type of Buildings? Important to talk about Bernini (Only as Architect!!), Borromini, talk about the Murcia’s Cathedral as well.
  • Baroque Music:
    • Try to place the Baroque Music in the Period of time and explain the moments through. Historical Background, Main Ideas and features. You can talk about some some instruments they used, including pictures, as well, important to know some songwriters like Handel, Vivaldi & Pachelbel and play in the background some music as well.
Each Work MUST have:
  • Index – Bibliography - Authors
  • Introducction – Conclusion
  • Remember include, OBVIOUSLY, Art painting, portraits, buildings, scultures, drawings, pictures in the develop of your work... You can include small clips if you think is ok but, NO LONG VIDEOS. Later you MUST talk to your partners so later you will explain in around 12-15 minutes.
  • It’s important that you learn to organize the information and separate the first information of the second information.
  • Around 20 Slides (including the previous info) and of course examples of the ideas you are talking about.
  • You’d include and built a timeline with all the Periods and ages for a better explain.
    • If you only uses Wikipedia, SHIT!, I will know fast as a shark! You must try to look into the net, there are tons of websites, pics, videos, if you had a complete work you will have GREAT marks, if you only use wikipedia SHIT!

Here you have some presentations from Slideshare about the BAROQUE, that you can also use.

Arte Barroco from javier

And you can also 
where youcan find lots of resources including our notebook in english which can be very useful

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